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At the moment, Scorifyer helps you with most of the products offered on eBay Kleinanzeigen (more than 55 Categories supported).
Our evaluations for Real Estate and Used Cars are even more valuable!

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How it works.

1) Use one of the Links below to install the extension for your browser.

Hier für Chrome herunterladen
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Keep in mind: This only works on your Computer / Laptop.

2) Use eBay Kleinanzeigen as usual. You will see new colorful tags that show you the price evaluations of the ads.
For Real Estate Ads, it calculates the price per square meter and compares this offer to other offers nearby to give you a fair evaluation of the offer.

3) When you open a Real Estate or Car ad, Scorifyer shows you some more details about the price evaluation – the fuller the bar, the better!

Is it available for all ads?

From our own experience, we know how confusing the apartment search can be. That’s why the first thing we did was start evaluating real estate ads. We are a start-up that wants to provide you with the most helpful tools as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve since added automobiles to our reviews. Most recently, 55 more product categories were added and even more product categories are planned. Stay tuned!

The best for the end.

Scorifyer helps you find your dream car and apartment, is completely free and works without registration!

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